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Short steep uphill on packed stone to 1st bridge, best to walk across. It was smooth for the most part but some rutting and bumpiness will be encountered. In-Depth Coverage. It is ride-able but not too scenic or any fun. The only negative is that you and your bike will look as though you've been through a red clay dust storm, so pack a towel and have a few gallons of H20 back at the car so you can wash down when you get back Access to Washington's Crossing Historic Park was nice.

  • They must be on leash at all times. Much of the adjoining flora is very overgrown so that a lot of your time is spent avoiding being whipped by branches.

  • Loading Comments A great flat walk for dogs and families alike!

  • Once your on the trail there is a wetland on the right with a group of very unusual bird?

  • Vermont in April.

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Love It January johanna Retail stores that also carry bikes are not always the best for putting the bikes together and being blff about cyclist needs. In fact, many long-time mountain bikers will tell you they ditched their mountain bike after experiencing a fat tire bike ride. How can Monterey Formation be both above and below the terrace deposits? The Surface is in very good shape and is family friendly.

Log In to Account. Personal trainer Alexander Ayodele right works out with a client. The "problem" being the trail became what I'm going to call a single-track. Mike Ruffino. He was exhausted at the top of the stairs. I rode about 20 miles wearing regular clothing and my bottom was in some pretty serious pain after I was done. It is about 8 miles from Kingsley Road to Route

Activity Type Stats activitytype trails distance descent descent distance total vertical rating global rank weighy rank photos reports routes ridelogs Mountain Bike 57 33 km m 15 km 41 m. Perfect timing. Any other hiking tidbits gear worth buying, maps worth having, etc. Lose some weight, tie the boots up tight, get in the woods and then walk back out again. This is lovely spot to take and break and enjoy the views. Nearby Recommended Routes. Carlos Melendez.

Doviak from the last day of her sophomore year of high school, I was in the woods by myself, about oose hours into what was supposed to be a 3. Passaic Valley stays perfect. Anne Robida. I also was gifted a brand new set of rain-resistant trail maps. Take the trail on the left at the entrance to the park to access the tracks. A former Coast Guardsman penned this farewell note:. The front gravel road is the easiest and the back road a bit rugged, but passable.

Popular Bluff Point State Park Mountain Biking Trails

You should bring food and drinks that are geared towards athletic activities. Lots of Picnic tables along the way and Rest Room at each trail head. This place was beautiful.

  • The trail is restored well into Lebanon now as far as Chesbro Bridge Road with plans underway for further extensions towards Willimantic. Hampton all the way to Cook Hill Road in Windham

  • Mary Help wins first season opener. You will encounter some short climbs and descents, as well as technical rocky and sandy sections.

  • East Hampton.

  • Continuing south the trail reaches Northampton. Not very crowded.

This trail was an engineering marvel when it was built and still is today. Keeping the traction to the ground. The only 2 good things about this section are 1. Even better than I remember it! Jim Thorpe should be renamed Jim Thorne because they are a thorn to get around. BTW, going south from White Haven, there's also a bad spot for about a mile, until you get to the tannery, and then it's lovely the rest of the way.

The trail is wide with hard packed gravel and it was predominately smooth for the entire duration. Maybe it's just the old eyes Winter skiing through a deep cut in East Hampton. Beautiful in the fall October nc7rchuck.

July 25, July 22, May 16, Get the app.

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Here is a scenic wetlands location, 1 mile south of the US 44 overpass in Pomfret, 3 miles west of the Pomfret Train station. A decision was made during the summer of to allow cyclists through the park. April 22, The newly constructed bridge at the end of the parking lot will eventually connect the gap between JT and Lehighton.

Just a hair short of. Connect with Facebook Blufv. Elizabeth Ridgway. Do the loop once more, this time exploring some of the side trails you missed the first time or cross the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks to Haley's Farm to extend your ride. Dog owners should definitely pick up after and bring home their pets mess. Shannon Macduff. Save Check-In.

The Northern Adirondacks were about as far as a middle class family could get back in the day at least so I am told and Ausable Chasm bumper stickers were as plentiful in the middle of the 20th century as South of The Border bumper stickers were for my generation growing up in the 70s and 80s. Mortimer Wright Preserve. He shared his equipment and the knowledge that at the top of the hill just outside the parking lot was the Bashakill Vineyardswhich turned our healthy excursion into an enjoyable diversion. There are many picnicking sites where you can stop and enjoy the views.

Bluff Point State Park Trail Connections

Please share this article to support my efforts. The crushed-gravel surface follows the towpath that dates to the early s, when Bristol was chosen as the terminus of the canal that carried huge shipments of anthracite coal to drive regional industries. Just awesome.

In fact, I had heard it is very nice in the fall and part of the reason Lose weight was there was to scope it out for a possible group trip. We though we were starting on the Colchester extension, turns out when we got home, it was part of the main trail Unlike mountain streams which run quickly and fairly straight and produce V-shaped canyons, streams in areas of low gradient slope run slowly and meander make snake-like curves in their beds and produce wide flat flood plains. I'll have to try this trail on a weekday. Lodging near southern end? It's mostly hard packed dirt and small gravel.

You may have figured out the solution. You need to do this trail ppint you're not into the asphalt covered trails. A lot of disappointed people driving and biking here; only to be turned around. Kid friendly!! The trail starts on the corner of Stocker Street and Presidio Drive. In winter, wear shoe covers to keep the toes cozy, and a thick pair of gloves. It is on the right and goes toward Frenchtown.

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Northwest Woods Classic Loop I have stahe stopped since and it has spurred my new addiction. Less than 1 mile: Pass crossover trail on left leading to the Winthrop Home site. The area has a main fire road loop around the perimeter which is double track and perfect for family riding. Just a hair short of.

  • Parking and Trail Access With such a long trail, there are numerous parking locations; below are a few options.

  • Some technical singletrack trails with roots and rocks.

  • I followed the directions and parked in the state park.

  • Park at Easton - This trail was highly varied and sometimes hard to follow as it intertwines with numerous other trails. Would not be fun on a trike.

  • Happy trails. Mile Markers each and ever mile.

Terrain is flat as a pancake for most of the way. We were constantly riding in spider webs, stones Better pint ""give them a hard time"" which could end up with somebody getting hurt. A favorite hypothesis is that the rounded masses are like tumors growing in the body of an organism. Enjoy only trails designated by park maps and signs.

Very easy loop trail that is an easy hike around the base of Camel Bluff beginning at the dry side bluff point state park biking to lose weight the bluff then moving to the more wet and lush eastern side before turning difficult as you struggle up the foot almost straight up climb to the top of Camel Bluff which offers up breathtaking views of many area bluffs. Builtit is a rare example of a turn-of-the-century, water-bound lighthouse with a masonry, domestic design - the light sits atop a three-story eleven room brick building. The terrain is generally flat with some rocks scattered around. A great flat walk for dogs and families alike!

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Maybe someone can tell me what kind of bird made them. The trail is quite diverse. Start being positive, quit getting angry and start loving life the way you should be.

Nice and easy. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Beach side was pretty good for novice rider on a hybrid. February 6, The first walk. Shore birds and the endangered piping plover nest in the dunes. If you can handle a little extra weight it would be a perfect place for a picnic lunch. Head back to the parking lot.

Third St. Their longest hike was at Kettleton State Park in Southbury. Perfect evening hike. On both sides of the trail there are beaver lodges and dams.

Bluff Point State Park

Great trail filled with amazing views! Great trail through the woods and past the water. Great day for a hike. Cancel OK. July 6,

Moderately steep. Jutting out into the waters of Long Island Sound, this peninsula, measuring one and one-half miles long by one mile wide, encompasses over acres. By Cory K. Take the trail that says "picnic area", and it's a rocky, descent, to where it loops back to the main trail. You can go to the beach, go fishing, running, biking.

Jul 24, pm Jul 24, Caution: Take precautions against deer ticks. Mill Bluff State Park provides a perfect stopping place for weary travelers looking to avoid the chaos of the Wisconsin Dells yet have a fun low key rest stop. Sonia Roitman. Doviak, dropped anchor in the first parking lot we could find and hit the trail.

The trail picks up again in Jim Thorpe on the west side of the ;ark, just south of the North Street bridge. Beautiful trail through wooded areas and wetlands. April 24, At 58 I guess I should be happy my bones are in good shape Hiking With Shawn on January 13, at am. I did this trail on the last day of summer and had a great ride on a very good trail. The dropoffs on either side are steep and long.

Midwest Explorer

The trail is high on a fill here, so it would be a significant task to descend, cross the brook on foot and climb back up. Black Diamond Segment: The trail starts as well packed stone and changes back a froth from sand to gravel and stone chips.

Eric Egner. Ah, yes Mountain Bike. A sign confirms at the trailhead that you are indeed at the Camel Bluff Trail. Loading Comments

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Best to take this section slow than risk a fall and ruin bikin rest of this awesome trail. Need I say more? My bluff point state park biking to lose weight portion is Raymond Brook Marsh in Hebron. This final section needs more work in my opinion, the surface is rough stone and there is much motorcycle and atv activity in the area. I was pounds at this point and I felt hopeless. My starting point is either Stockton bridge ride south - east or Point Pleasant ride north - west. From the summit, it's an awesome view.

Be careful with your identification. Surprisingly, the trail lode very dry even though the river was extremely muddy and high. This is a nice trail but not a great one. It is beautifully paved!! I have really enjoyed watching the trail improve over the years, and am excited by the improvements around Willimantic. Turn right onto Cards Mill Road.

Could have used a stroller for the kids. Abbie Bergested. Virtual Tour of Bluff Point Trail. At the end of the day, this popular Park gets crowded with people looking to get in an apres-work ride.

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If the conditions are right, you can see all the way to Montreal and beyond. June 19, Join the list Use Navigator in the AllTrails app and join the other outdoor explorers who have completed this trail. Just watch your step out there. Joseph Canterino.

Difficulty Rating. The signature view and most highly sought after experience at Mill Bluff State Park is tto Mill Bluff Loop which encompasses 5 named trail segments including Bluff Loop base of bluffnature trail, ADA trail segment, funnel road segment. Show more photos Showing results 1 - 56 of Mortimer Wright Preserve. Aug 2, pm. Contact the park to reserve the shelter May-Sept. Map Key.

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Now, instead of being home in time to grab a shower and pick up NorthJerseySports. Taking a left will bypass the steep section up to the top of Mill Bluff. Mortimer Wright Preserve. Joseph Canterino. Mostly flat.

During Fall Foliage Sept. I always consider pxrk fact that I will likely sweat more and feel hotter than what it is like outside. I was just able to ride over that rocky section on my cross bike, but it was a rough and uncomfortable ride. Hiking With Shawn on January 13, at am. Great trail!!

There are many different places to ztate a loop Alpine Lookout, on the footbridge over the PIP that can be accessed on 9W North, parking by the Interstate Police headquarters or at the bottom of the hill in the boat basin parking lot and there are challenges no matter where you start or finish a no matter which direction you choose to navigate the loop. Most of the sites on the western side of the loop from are more well shaded while are more open. Comment Type:. The signature view and most highly sought after experience at Mill Bluff State Park is the Mill Bluff Loop which encompasses 5 named trail segments including Bluff Loop base of bluffnature trail, ADA trail segment, funnel road segment. Jeremy Hutchins.

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It will stand as a tribute to them through all the centuries to come. I even saw two people on horseback. Some technical terrain and limited alternate lines.

  • The shorts should include a chamois which is a pad that reduced chaffing and friction while riding.

  • Add Check-In. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until October.

  • It was clearly marked, though the grass and weeds were waist high in some spots.

South Prk Trails Most of the lesser buttes beyond Mill Bluff do not have fences or railings which could make it a little bit more dangerous for those with young children. Directions to Trailhead Trail Description. Great water views and access. Train Track Trail South. No fishing is allowed here.

Bikimg than that, the trail was nice a smooth and it was lightly traveled. Not much to recommend August tebersold. I tried the trail again at Town Farm Road in Putnam and found loose mud. I had forgotten about this by the time I got back and blew right by it. June 7, Had a few words with him and moved on only for another one to come upon us later and do the same thing.

Jul 23, pm Jul 23, The colour categories are based on what percentage of riders are riding a trail in its intended direction. One thing to note: even though it's dog friendly, dogs and horses are not allowed at the beach. I go here often with my chihuahua! July 18, Some technical singletrack trails with roots and rocks.

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Located on the rocks within 2 miles from the Flanders Rd. We encountered a sign over 10 miles in, warning us that the path ended in 1. We rode this trail on a hot 95F and humid August friday morning after a major thunderstorm overnight. My daily meals consisted of greasy fast food chain restaurants. This was primarily a recon mission planning for a longer ride.

On my way weght from Wildcat Bluff, I decided to make a little video with my phone. There's also a dirt habitat path along the bridge for animals who want to avoid being turned into roadkill. I saw another trail user or people on the river about every minutes. Not returning. To get around the one ""bad"" part as you come from East Hampton do the following: 1. Local practice hikes: If you want your own taste of a thru-hike, load up your pack but not too heavy!

I missed the turn from the hike-starting bike path to the R-D trail, wound up on the Appalachian Trail about three hours too early. Trail Ridden Direction The intended direction a trail should be ridden. Jul 19, pm. Trails on Wishlist Yes No login

Mostly flat with some rocks and scrabble. Elevation Change: Mostly level riding. Beautiful in the morning at sunrise. Mountain Bike. The trail to the bluff passes through wooded and open areas and the view opens up as you approach the bluff. With no view of the Hudson and no sun to navigate by, it was a crapshoot. Wanna take a walk?

Stocker Corridor Trail

I had a great ride on statee great fall day and then rode down to Jim Thorpe. I highly recommend off-road tires smooth tread is OK as there are some sandy spots as well as gravel of varying sizes. Just before crossing the Lehigh River on the Hill Road bridge 2. The 52 hikes, which they recorded in posts with hashtag-numbered hike and photos on Facebook, were all an hour or hour-plus drive throughout the state, from Branford to Burlington and Weston to Groton.

Roller Coaster. Few elevations. If you ride in the early morning or weighy you are likely to spot wildlife along the trails and at the edges of the forest. Oh, about two hours later, blindly following the first sign of blue blazes that I saw at the junction, I realized I was on the Timp Torne Trail all right, but travelling in the wrong direction. May 21, am May 21,

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Pojnt the ride I encountered great vistas, passed about 4 bogs and miles of woods. You're supposed to make a left ongo over the bridge, and take Canal Street In Northampton, then take the trail, again, past the small parking lot on your right. I started at White haven, which I did not care for White haven feels like a town trapped in with traffic superimposed. There was one small section where there isn't a bridge so I had to follow a smaller trail down and over a stream and then back up. Fourth St.

Tinicum park has tent camping, stqte playground, and Frisbee Golf course that is quite large-they also hold an excellent arts festival each year the weekend after July 4 that is worth a few hours of your time. Show more photos Showing results 1 - 56 of We've ridden this section several times and there is almost always a head wind as you ride down stream. I decided to head to Pomfret Station to see what the trail looked like there.

Kenneth Hahn State Recreation Area

The 20 mile section from Lehighton to Northampton is similar to the White Haven to JT section, compact gravel, smooth, mostly shaded and perfect for any style bike. I spoke with the Town Engineer in Windham and looked that the construction plans for this project. Both of these trails are so much fun to ride. One way my bike showed just over 10 miles. Life is better than it ever has been before Hiking with Shawn not only got me to a healthy weight and fitness ability but it saved my life.

  • From route 66, turn south on routeleft on Flanders Road and right on Smith Street. Extending the Trail?

  • Nice easy trail. Trail Ridden Direction Trailforks scans users ridelogs to determine the most popular direction each trail is ridden.

  • I road from where the tar section ends headed east out of Wilmington to just beyond Goodwin SF today.

  • We walked past an assortment of flea bane next to a large moss covered rock. Bluff Point State Park is a favorite local hang out and mountain bike destination.

  • The trail had beautiful scenery, saw a variety of birds-cardinals, sea gulls, egret, tufted titmouse and cormorant.

  • There are some rough and soft spots as with any trail paved or unpaved, but even with rain the night before, it was all easy. The trail is VERY well maintained.

The trail is in excellent condition, with stone dust and cinder the whole way, and was completely dry even the day after a hard rain. I highly recommend off-road tires smooth tread is OK as there are some sandy spots as well as gravel of varying sizes. NOTE: From Northampton and Allentown there's about a 7 mile gap that can be ridden on roads and streets also open to vehicle traffic. This section of trail is good for all ages. The other side to this, is it provides an exhilarating return trip to White Haven, potentially cutting your return time in half from your trip to Mountain Top! Conditions were really good, totally dry. Not worth it, so it was reverse direction and back to the car.

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We didn't quite make it to Slatington and turned around and headed back to our starting point. We road out and back from cook hill rd to Lake Aniston and really enjoyed the fall foliage. DEEP's intention is to have that section graded and toped off in the next week or so. Plenty of bathroom facilities by the parking lot too. Lots of Picnic tables along the way and Rest Room at each trail head. I'll be double covering some of the trail.

Loading Comments Beautiful view. Train Track trail west and 7 more. With the cavalry in pursuit, there were some sketchy moments to say the least, but I did eventually find my way out.

April 24, There was one part where it was necessary to use vluff rope to scale a smooth-faced rock, the most technical climbing I have done since about or so. The vegetation here on the bluff is sparse and diminutive. In addition to the blue ribbon views you may see Turkey Vultures or even Bald Eagles soar by. A quarter mile later, at about.

Few obstacles. Jul 26, pm Jul 26, Mary Help wins first season opener. The other starting point, which I used, was down the southern access road which leads to the park office. Trail Last Ridden Trailforks scans ridelogs to determine the last time a trail was ridden.

  • Surprisingly, the trail was very dry even though the river was extremely muddy and high. The trail s rel.

  • Be wary of ticks especially in May and June.

  • From Potter Rd. Not an enjoyable hike thanks to an irresponsible dog owner.

Added bonus It was supposed to be 3. Sort by:. The double depots in Colchester are also pretty impressive. The trail was busy as well. There was no shade on this trail and I overheat quickly. A decision was made during the summer of to allow cyclists through the park.

  • After a couple of miles or less we were considering riding the trail to Willimantic, then taking roads to Middlebury and riding the other section of trail in the morning.

  • Trail Popularity?

  • The result for trail users is a series of rock cuts and viaducts, bridges and marshes in addition to woodlands and nearby waterfalls e.

  • Portland Section Updated June blueskye. As time goes by the stream laterally cuts into this bank and carries away the eroded sand.

  • Favorites Check-Ins. Betsy McComber.

I was hiking every weekend and biking most days through the week and mixing the two here and there! Over aprk, meandering rivers move sideways through the landscape just like some snakes move sideways over sand dunes. May 4, Most of the trail is under a tree canopy which helps keep you cooler on hot days. I took the trail from the parking lot in East Hampton up to about where the Towns of Lebanon, Columbia and Windham all join.

We were on our way statr to the Big Apple after a weekend of leaf peeping while mountain biking in Rhode Island. Old Tappan tops Paramus. Upcoming Events. We walked past an assortment of flea bane next to a large moss covered rock. Depot Rd Parallel Path to Poopers. There is a steep climb up lots of steps to an observation deck providing an extremely lovely view of numerous bluffs and buttes.

New Hope a great artsy old town is a short drive south. At White Haven, weigyt 0. Nice explanation panel at the bridge, but the site could use finger boards. Lastly, Portland has plans to begin design of the trail section from Camp Ingersol to Route After the 1st half hour the trail opened up nicely and became a crushed red shale.

Criminal activity along the trail and at trailheads is very low but you should ensure that you lock your vehicles and hide valuables before leaving it to ride. We rode this trail on a hot 95F and humid August friday morning after a major thunderstorm overnight. States: Connecticut. Still not something I would take a road bike on, but my hybrid with skinny tires and a front suspension handled it well.

Beach side was pretty good for novice rider on a hybrid. Mountain biking Muddy Rocky. Eric Ball. Shannon Macduff. The trail has some soft spots, but that was expected with the soggy spring weather. Three of the four Doviak family members were on the trail for this one and even our one mistake turned out to be a blessing in disguise.